Shellie is not only Billy Blanks’® daughter but has been at his right hand side from the creation of Tae Bo® Fitness. Her knowledge, dedication & guidance has been nothing but an asset for the continued growth and instruction of this revolutionary fitness regimen. Her humble beginnings, being brought up in the projects of Erie, Pennsylvania, to her current residence in the state of Tennessee, is a storybook fantasy in itself.

Before starring as the original Yellow Power Ranger (fighting/stunts), modeling in a number of Fitness Magazines, starring in a Tae Bo® Fitness Subway commercial campaign and having appeared on many TV spots, such as “Oprah,” “Montell Williams” & “The Parkers” hit television shows, she put in plenty of time working toward her mastery of Martial Arts. Training began at the young age of 2 years old and at 14, she won the Jiu Jitsu World Championships and a Gold Medal at the Junior Olympics for Full Contact Sparring. Currently, she is in a select club that only a few, dedicated women have attained, by acquiring a 6th Degree Black Belt in the Martial Art discipline of Tae Kwon Do.