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You can’t find a better place that not only has an incredible exceptional facility, with gymnastics grade competition padded flooring that makes it easy on the knees and back, but also incredible professional instructors & trainers, and a community of positive encouraging people. Never any judgment, only encouragement, and feedback that helps you be the best you can be. It is all about T.E.A.M.!
Good thing they are closed on Sunday or I’d be there 7 days a week! I can’t get enough!
Unbelievable place to workout! The instructors, classes, the member, so fantastic…..blessed to have this here!!!!
Its fun and it works.
Diana B.
It’s an atmosphere that causes one to be determined to be successful.
Carolyn W.
The classes are challenging and the instructors are motivating.
Joel B.
Full body workout. Felt like I had done a cleanse afterwards, because sweated so much.
Tyson O.
Great workout, clean, convenient times, economical.
Wanda B.
It is a great place. I enjoy the Tae Bo class while I wait for my daughter at Act Too Players. I rarely come to Franklin otherwise.
Debbie H.
Great facilities, great class with energy
Patrick M.
Fantastic workout, great motivation. Very friendly approachable management and staff. Great facilities. Easy to use online system for booking classes.
Tanya D.
I love the great work out I get with tae bo. I leave there feeling like I have done something for myself and love the natural energy boost I get from the work out.
Jaime S.
They offer an amazing workout in a Christian, fun, loving, safe environment. It’s more than just a place to come take a class, it’s about building relationships and encouraging one another in making lifestyle changes that are pleasing to our mind, body, and soul!
Tracy K.
Motivational atmosphere.
Rich H.
Motivated instructors and great music!
Reena P.
Easy set up process,like the app feature. Feel like I’m really gonna see results.
Jennifer P.
the workout is fantastic the music is great, the teachers, vibe, everything is super positive thank you!!
Sarah P.
The classes make you sweat from the top of your head to the tip of your toes. You really get a workout while having fun. Teachers are great, full of energy, and motivating.
Hollie R.
The amazing workout is the smallest part. It’s the family like atmosphere where you feel loved and blessed from all the owners and instructors. It has changed my life forever. I love them and this place.
Melody B.
Everyone was very friendly and the classes are awesome!
Kim R.
Challenging classes, knowledgeable instructors, warm atmosphere with helpful, efficent and cheerful staff, well equipped studio, just overall wonderful
Lisa G.
The energy is great! People are very nice. Instructors are awesome! I enjoy every minute of it.
Lorie S.
I absolutely love everything about Team Tae Bo– the wonderful owners, awesome classes, nice staff, and very clean everything! You guys rock!! Thanks for providing such a professional, exciting, and caring environment!
Tina N.
Great workouts, facility, staff
Renee P.
The staff was very accommodating. The workout was intense!
Mike K.
I love that I can sign up via my app on my phone. It’s very convenient. I also enjoy the community that Tae Bo has built. When we bring guests, it is so easy for them to jump right in regardless of the fact that the have no Tae Bo experience.
Adonis L.
intense workout and awesome music! Shellie and Mark are the best!
Haley W.
Great workout. Friendly. Instructor gave great constructive criticism to help improve workout and technique.
Michelle A.
the commitment that is shown to each person is incredible. its a family and I love it!
Tammie K.
Friendly, helpful, awesome!
Vanessa S.
The high cardio intensity of the classes is the best I’ve experienced. The staff are all friendly and helpful. The facility is clean.
Angie W.
Love the people, atmosphere, and the workouts are awesome!
Andrea B.
The young lady at the front desk was very nice and very helpful. This was my first time doing Tae Bo. The instructor was fabulous! I’m going back Saturday to try TRX. Can’t wait! Very excited to know about Tae Bo Fitness-Franklin and plan to spread the word.
Lorie S.
Fantastic workout AND ministry!! Love it!
Kathy R.
You provide a more personal experience than a regular gym. I could pay less for a gym membership, but I wouldn’t have the motivation that you and your staff build with each of your clients. I end up getting way more bang for my buck, and I love the personal touch and atmosphere Team Tae Bo provides. You make me want to work out, because somehow, you make it enjoyable!!!!
Max S.
I enjoy the class organization with it 75-80% cardio and then a few extra strengthening things at the end.
Missy E.
I love you guys. I love your heart and dedication that you bring EVERY day! It’s fun to hang out there I’ve made some really great friends through Tae Bo.
Carole L.
great workout and great sense of family
Angela W.
I love your hours, your classes are fun, and although i’ve never been a fan of exercise I actually look forward to coming to your gym and miss it when I can’t make it! I also enjoy the positive messages in the gym, the positive staff, and the atmosphere in general!
Francis W.
The quality of the classes provided are amazing! The teachers and people at the studio offer an awesome energy that is contagious!
Keri L.
I like how it changes frequently so the workout is always challenging. Also, I love the inspiring attitude Shellie and Mark have every day. Thank you!
Rachel L.
Your Tae Bo workouts make my whole life better! When I walk out of there, I feel changed – inspired – on fire!!!
Margaret L.
Awesome instructors and supportive team that pushes one another to achieve goals.
Amber W.
Instructors are great; Shellie and Mark go above and beyond to make classes for every level
Class schedule; staff very congenial
Denise H.
I like that my body feels really worked after a visit and you try and keep things fresh with new ideas. You provide times that can work for people. As these things are also offered at other locations, it is the warm and friendly atmosphere that ties it all up in a nice bow.:)
Stacey L.
My workout is always different thanks to the variety of teachers.
Erica S.
Wonderful workout in a positive atmosphere.
Lane R.
The high energy, good music, and the approachability of the teachers and owners!
Brooke T.
Everything! Variety of classes and times, quality instructors, cleanliness of facility, professionalism by all
Janet C.
All the instructors are phenomenal, the classes always exceed expectations
Chris H.
love the classes, the instructors, the staff, and the positive environment.
Amy F.
Definitely provides that TEAM feeling. You all mean business in the hot box! Never delay a class starting, but yet you welcome everyone.Your workouts are never the same, each and everyone is a challenge! Thank you for choosing to be in this area!
Deanna N.
Intense, motivating workouts; the instructors are amazing; the feeling of being part of something bigger – a TEAM!
Kellie J.
I think the services are outstanding! You all do a great job! I recommend you and your facility all the time.
Bob B.
All 3 instructors I’ve had so far are awesome. Great energy and super motivating.
Jana H.
Love TRX. Awesome instructors. Workouts never easy. Friendliness. Love the encouragement from instructors. Great equipment provided. Love that ALL classes are always different & challenging!
Rachel R.
The classes are always different and very challenging.
Erikka Y.
Variety, community, challenging, stress reducing and fun!
Good organized workout
Sandra D.
I like how challenging the classes are.
Courtney W.
People are really friendly – the classes are motivating and they change everyday.
Maria M.
Love the constant encouragement and challenge to push harder & go farther. Love the team-like spirit. Staff is always friendly and welcoming. Great knowledge base.
Jennifer L.
It is a very inviting place to work out. Everyone is friendly and helpful. The classes continue to challenge you as you get physically stronger. Team Tae Bo Fitness is more than just a place to workout, you feel a part of a TEAM!
Mary B.
I love the instructors, classes, and culture of Team Tae Bo.
Very friendly place!! Great class times and upbeat instructors!!
Michelle L.
I love that we are a family who is centered around faith and love. You don’t find that at any other gyms. I love my TEAM and I love everything about tae bo!!
Shannon V.
The Taebo exercise format is by far the best cardio, strength, balance and tonning exercise I have ever done.
Carmen G.

Team Tae Bo Fitness Franklin, TN was live.

Christa and T.E.A.M. killin’ it at 8:30!
...find your heart beat...❤️🖤
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Christopher Johnson#DoubleDip

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Cristina Sarmir Smith❤️🖤❤️🖤

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Maria Elsa RamirezPubliquén el vídeo completo de Cardio Explosión

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Team Tae Bo Fitness Franklin, TN added 20 new photos.

Thank you T.E.A.M. for an amazzzing week of celebrating 5 years!!!!
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Team Tae Bo Fitness Franklin, TN was live.

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Katherine ArmstrongI love the "How many Katherine?" question. I'm over here like "I don't even know how I got here!". Baahaaha. #tired

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Annie Stanford OlivoTRX TEAM came to work today!! #fullbodywork

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Anivecra ArcWoooooow!!!!!

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Team Tae Bo Fitness Franklin, TN was live.

Get it!
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Team Tae Bo Fitness Franklin, TN was live.

T.E.A.M. Tag! Happy 5 years!!! #bestteamever
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Aurora M. PhelpsLove looking at all that power! Tae Bo on 💪🏾👊🏾👍🏾

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